Report discrimination

Do you think you have been discriminated against? Or have you perhaps witnessed a case of discrimination? If so, then it is certainly very important that you report the incident. In many cases, simply registering a complaint of discrimination is sufficient to ensure that appropriate action is taken. If you live or work in the Province of Friesland, then you may approach the Tûmba Complaints Bureau For Discrimination ( Discriminatie Meldpunt Tûmba).

How does Tûmba handle complaints?

Tûmba can offer you support and advice on the best means of dealing with your complaint. Together, you can then seek a solution. Tûmba does not take any action without your explicit permission to do so, however, while it invariably treats your personal data as strictly confidential.

Tûmba always applies the principle that both parties have the right to be heard. Depending on the outcome of this process, we then discuss with you any further course of action that might be taken. It may be necessary to approach the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (CRM) or perhaps more advisable to report the matter to the police. Tûmba supports you in either case.

You can register your complaint either in writing, by telephone or online. Complaints can also be registered by third parties, such as a work colleague or witness. You also have the option of registering your complaint anonymously.

In our Protocol Behandeling meldingen discriminatie (Dutch) you can read how Tûmba treat dicrimination reports.

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